After Jeffrey's conviction, Mississippi’s post-conviction relief office obtained the services of former Alabama state medical examiner Dr. James Lauridson to review the autopsy findings of Dr. Steven Hayne. Dr. Lauridson concluded that the evidence failed to confirm that a sexual assault of any kind had taken place. There was no sign of any tears or lacerations in Chloe’s anus and it is not out of the ordinary for dilation to occur naturally. Lauridson noted that there was no trace of Havard’s DNA found on or inside Chloe. He also noted that a thermometer inserted into the Chloe’s anus at the emergency room could have caused the small bruise. Dr. Lauridson's report shreds the prosecution's case. You can read Dr. Lauridson's report below. You can view Dr. Lauridson's professional biography here.

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Jeffrey Havard

Dr. James Lauridson