Jeffrey Havard

Jeffrey Havard is not the man portrayed by prosecutors at his trial in 2002. Sadly the jury that convicted him never had a chance to learn who the real Jeffrey Havard is. If Jeffrey was given a proper defense, there is no doubt his trial would have concluded differently. Jefffrey Havard is a caring man not capable of committing the horrendous crime he's accused of. Jeffrey is an innocent man caught in an unbearable nightmare. 
Here are some family photos taken of Jeffrey while he was growing up.
Jeffrey poses for a photo with his younger siblings. 

Jeffrey's mother Cheryl recalls how Jeffrey was always aiming to please:  "if we needed anything from the store, he used to ride his bike to purchase whatever we needed. He would have us time him to see if he could beat the time,which was usually about 15 minutes. He would win every time."
Jeffrey poses in front of a big truck.

Jeffrey's sister Paige recalls Jeffrey's dreams of becoming a truck driver. Two Generations of Jeffrey's family drove big trucks and it was Jeffrey's dream as a kid to do the same.
Jeffrey's eighth grade photo. 

It was around this time that Jeffrey had the responsibility of keeping up and maintaining an elderly neighbors yard. Other people would ask for the job, but she was so pleased with and liked how well he took care of it that she would not let anyone else take over. her name was (nick name) Ging Ging.
Jeffrey and his younger siblings taking a picture for their grandparents.

Jeffrey was a proud older brother that took pride in looking after his younger brother and sister. Jefffrey was so excited when his brother Dalton was born. He would feed, change, hold and rock him all the time.  

Jeffrey's sister Paige recalls that Jeffrey taught her how to ride a bicycle without training wheels when she was five years old and he also taught her how to tie her own shoes.
Jeffrey hanging out with a friend. 

Jeffrey's mother Cheryl cherishes the memories of her children growing up. She was proud of Jeffrey for always getting along well with his friends.  Instead of him hanging out at their house, they always wanted to come to his house because they all seemed to have more fun. Jeffrey and his sister Paige always had company.
Jeffrey gives a big smile for the camera at his graduation.

Jeffrey had a friend named Will that was attending boot camp at Camp Shelby. Jeffrey wanted to go to attend the camp  so he could finish high school early. Jeffrey graduated one year early finishing in the top 10 of his class. After he had graduated, the camp hired him to come back and help with a new group of kids that were arriving. Jeffrey worked there for a short time until he found work closer to home.  
Jeffrey was an ambitious young man after high school with his entire life ahead of him.

After graduation, Jeffrey got a job working at a shoe store. Jeffrey and the store manager became friends and he would occasionally babysit her two young daughters (ages 2 and 4) when she was in need of a babysitter. Jeffrey took his responsibility seriously while taking care of the children which in-turn earned their mother's trust prompting her to ask Jeffrey to babysit repeatedly.

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