February 21, 2002:  Date of accident

February 23, 2002:  Jeff is arrested

December 17, 2002:  Trial begins

December 19, 2002:  Jeff is sentenced to death

December 19, 2002:  Jeff is placed on death row in Mississippi State Penitentiary, Parchman Mississippi

February 9, 2006:  The Mississippi Supreme Court affirms conviction on direct appeal

May 2, 2008:  Jeff's petition for post-conviction relief is denied

April 10, 2009:  Jeff's petition for writ of habeas corpus is filed

March 22, 2012:  Jeff's second petition for post-conviction relief is denied

May 10, 2012:  Motion for rehearing denied by Mississippi Supreme Court

April 9, 2013:   Petition filed in federal court

November 25, 2013:  Based on new expert evidence, Jeffrey's defense team filed a motion for relief from judgment or for leave to file successive petition for post-conviction relief, at the state level.

May 30, 2014: Jeff's defense team filed a motion to amend petition filed on November 25, 2013.

August 19, 2014: Jeff's defense team filed a rebuttal to the State's denial to amend petition. 

May 31, 2016: The Mississippi Supreme Court orders an evidentiary hearing for Jeff’s case based on defense claims of new evidence due to changes in the science behind Shaken Baby Syndrome.

August 14, 2017: Jeff Havard evidentiary hearing begins.

September 14, 2018: Jeff removed from death row. A resentencing hearing ordered.

December 18, 2018: Jeff is resentenced to life without parole.

Jeffrey Havard


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