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Injustice Anywhere is an organization working to correct wrongful convictions. Our website provides information detailing how wrongful convictions occur and highlights solutions to help prevent additional victims of wrongful convictions in the future.

Injustice Anywhere understands that every case of wrongful conviction is important. Unfortunately this is an epidemic that will need to be eradicated one case at a time. We are only able to actively work on a few cases at a time. We list these cases as "featured" on our website. Jeffrey Havard's case is one of our featured cases. We are working closely with Jeffrey's family to correct his wrongful conviction. 

About Injustice Anywhere
Our first mission began in early 2010 when we created Injustice in Perugia (IIP), a grassroots organization that worked to secure freedom for Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, two innocent people wrongfully convicted for murder in Perugia, Italy. Both were declared innocent on appeal in October 2011 after 1427 days of wrongful imprisonment.

Our work with IIP opened our eyes to a growing worldwide problem that continues to go mostly unnoticed by anyone not directly affected. Wrongful convictions occur all around the world. We must do more to prevent the unjust imprisonment of innocent people, and in doing so, we must focus on the the larger picture, not just the cases we see highlighted on television. If we choose to turn our backs on this epidemic,  we risk creating more victims like Clarence Elkins, Christopher Turner, and Danny Brown. Who are these people? Even though their cases were not sensational enough to get the attention of cable news programs, they were all cases of wrongful conviction, only to be corrected after each had lost many years of their lives. There are hundreds of similar cases that go mostly unnoticed, but are of no less importance than any case that happens to attract the attention of the media.

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