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Trial Transcripts

Jeffrey Havard trial transcripts (complete)

Police Reports, Statements, and Testimony

Natchez Community Hospital admission records 2/21/2002

Permit by medical examiner for autopsy

Jeffrey Havard advice of rights 2/22/02, 2:39 AM

Jeffrey Havard advice of rights 2/22/02 6:19 PM

Jeffrey Havard advice of rights 2/22/02 9:07 PM

Rebecca Britt advice of rights 2/22/02, 4:03 PM

Order for body search of suspect

Diagram of trailer

Radiology report

Adams County Sheriff incident report (no mention of head injury or SBS)

Sheriff Ferrell case report

Sheriff Frank Smith case report

Deputy Carey Jackson case report

Deputy Buddy Frank incident report

Deputy Ray Brown case report

Deputy Billy Neely case report: list of items to crime lab

Officer Major John Manley crime scene report

Sheriff's report on daycare workers

Handwritten statement from daycare worker Jennifer Ishman

Handwritten statement from daycare worker Amanda Goodwin

Handwritten statement from phlebotomist Shelley Smith

Toxicology submission by Steven Hayne

Provisional autopsy report

Order for medical records

Probable cause affidavit

Adams County Sheriff's Department radio log

Preliminary hearing May 2002

Appointment of Robert Clark and Gus Sermos

Gus Sermos motion for 24-hour cooling-off period

Gus Sermos motion for funds for investigator

Court order denying independent expert

Subpoena served on Steven Hayne to appear in court

Witness list

Testimony of Deputy Buddy Frank (part 1)

Testimony of Deputy Buddy Frank (part 2)

Testimony of Major John Manley

Testimony of Deputy Ray Brown

Testimony of Dr. Laurie Patterson

Dr. Patterson's hospital notes

Testimony of Dr. Ayesha Dar

Dr. Dar's hospital notes

Testimony of phlebotomist Shelley Smith

Testimony of daycare worker Amanda Goodwin

Testimony of nurse Angela Godbold

Testimony of nurse Patricia Murphy

Testimony of Rebecca Britt (mother)

Testimony of Coroner James Lee

Testimony of Dr. Steven Hayne

Testimony of DNA expert Amy Winter

Court instruction to jury at end of day one

Testimony of Nurse Brian Rabb for the defense

DA Ronnie Harper's closing arguments

ADA Tom Rosenblatt's closing arguments

Jeffrey Havard sentenced to death

Defense attorney Gus Sermos bill for services

Post Conviction

Criminal docket chronology

Direct Appeal: Prosecutor advised Sheriff not to comply with discovery

Dr. James Lauridson addendum - tissue slides - no evidence of tear